For Rob, Cinchdollars Is The Answer to Getting More Value Out Of His Time

Cinchdollars is the answer for Rob when it comes to getting more value out of his time. 

We've all had days where twenty-four hours just isn't enough. The to-do list becomes longer, deadlines slip into the next day, and dihes build up in the sink... Then, to top it off, we assign blame: it's my fault, we convince ourselves, because I'm being ineffective.

In actuality, this isn't always the case. Often, all we need to do is fine-tune our time management skills. Instead of pushing ourselves to 'work harder,' we should encourage ourselves to 'work smarter.' Small changes in a few unexpected places can help many of us become more productive.

Learning to use 'dead time' is a golden rule for increasing productivity. This is something that Cinchdollars users are known for, and Rob from New York, this month's Mastercard winner, is no exception.

Rob like the fact that he can earn money by taking surveys on her phone. It means that unused minutes in the day, such as those spent commuting, are turned into productive minutes. One of the reasons Rob has persisted with Cinchdollars and quit using other paid online survey sites is because he enjoys the notion of making some money but doesn't want to log on to his computer every night to do surveys.

Rob has also recently won a Mastercard with a £250 pre-loaded balance, which he intends to use to purchase a new orthopaedic mattress for her ailing back. he informed us, 'This will go towards a really lovely one!' We sincerely hope it helps you with your back discomfort, Rob. And, guess what? It will almost certainly make you more time-efficient as well.

Yes, getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night is another sure-fire approach to boost productivity. It may seem contradictory to some of us - we feel wonderful working late into the night and getting up at 5.30 a.m. – but there is a cost to overworking!

Our third time-management advice is to list the tasks you need to complete in order of importance and focus on the most critical tasks first. Once you've completed the first two or three, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment that is energising in and of itself.

And that brings us to the fourth and last point. It's shockingly simple to become sidetracked by the electronics all around us in this digital age. Instead of wasting energy on mindless browsing, prioritise screen time that gives you a feeling of purpose. Cinchdollars' paid surveys are appealing to Rob because the topics are 'interesting and relevant to your life.'

That's great to hear, Rob, because it's what they're supposed to do. We know that when people are genuinely interested in what they're doing, they are more productive. That's why we strive to make every area of our surveys as entertaining as possible, from the design to the wording of the questions. The best part about our online surveys is that the more productive you are, the more money you earn.

Regrettably, that does not apply to certain dihes.