Some Updates on Cinchdollars

New Panelist Reward Option - GCodes

GCodes is now available in the following countries:

- Australia

- Austria

- Canada

- China

- France

- Germany

- Ireland

- Mexico

- New Zealand

- Philippines

- Portugal

- Spain

GCodes virtual gift codes are redeemable for thousands of rewards including merchandise, gift cards, digital magazines and books, travel, event tickets, mobile top-up and more!


VPN Proxy blocking and RelevantID


VPN Proxy:

Are you using a VPN Proxy when you answer a survey? Be prepard to be banned from Cinchdollars.

When you use a VPN Proxy you will often get following status on a survey:

- Bad GeoIP

In the last couple of days over 1000 members have been banned from Cinchdollars because of this.


"RelevantID flags a computer each time a user tries to take a survey, so it is able to detect if multiple email accounts are being used to take surveys from a single computer. In addition, RelevantID has the unique ability to identify multiple panel accounts from different research firms on the same computer."

Since we use RelevantID you will often get following status on a survey:

- RelevantID Bad GeoIP

- RelevantID Fraudulent

A lot of members have been removed from Cinchdollars because of this statuses.


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