Market Research in the US

Are you planning to conduct market research? Contact us and get an offer. Cinchdollars have Survey panels in 60+ countries

Cinchdollars is a part of Cint Digital insights gathering platform. This accreditation impacts everything from what defines an “active” panelist to data protection and security processes for our clients. Reach targeted, double opted-in audiences over 130 million engaged respondents across more than 100+ countries. Insight Exchange is an platform linking buyers, suppliers and resellers of online sample.

Are you planning to conduct a Market Research Project? Send us an email at info(at) and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What kind of information do we need to give you an offer?

Your target group:

1)    Country:

Shall the survey run in all regions of the country? If not, specify where:

2)    Gender:

Male      Female      Both     

3)    Minimum age:         Maximum age:    


Survey-specific data:

  • Number of wanted completes:               
  • Estimated incidence rate (IR):                %

IR ( incidence rate )

The incidence rate (IR) is the % of respondents selected for a project that match the project's target group.

The respondents who didn't pass the screening question(s) and didn't qualify into a survey, reach the screen out page and are calculate into the overall IR of the project.

  • Estimated length of interview (LOI):     min

LOI ( length of interview) 

How many minutes the survey will take to answer

  • Start date:                                                    
  • Number of days in field:                            

Days in field  

 How many days the project is open for respondents.

Survey categories

What main categories is your study about? Automotives, beverages, education, Food etc.

The next steps:

If we agree upon running a project, we will need a link to your survey and information about what survey tool you are using.Then you must add redirect links to your survey tool. The links will look like this:

Quota full:

Screen out:


We will later provide you with the full links since the links above are examples.When you have added the links to your survey tool, you must send us the survey IDs. We need to be able to trace each respondents by adding an ID tag to the links. When you have implemented the redirects and saved our ID in the survey platform, we are ready to test the survey.

Survey Tools:

Cinchdollars does not have a survey tool to create the surveys in. You can read more about how to implement redirects in different survey tools here:

Cinchdollars has survey panels in following countries.