This Valentine's Day, rekindle your romance.

This Valentine's Day, rekindle your romance. 

We're all aware that Valentine's Day has become an overly commercialized, and simply unneeded occasion, and many of us believe that showing affection and letting our loved ones know how much we care about them doesn't require a specific day. While this is all true, having this annual reminder that we need to commit some time completely to our partners and make them a priority in our calendar can be helpful in the midst of the rush and bustle of life. Spending this kind of time doesn't have to be expensive, but it might be invigorating to do something different from your normal routine to commemorate the occasion. Most couples will have takeout and movie evenings on a regular basis, as well as dining out on a semi-regular basis. These are all wonderful things to do, but they don't actually have anything to do with Valentine's Day. Here are some of our best suggestions for having a good time without breaking the bank. 

Make a joint effort. 

Okay, this is a self-evident point, but the emphasis is on the do. Do something simple that will feel like you're spending quality time together rather than idly sitting in front of the TV like you normally do or going to the store for that exciting weekly buy. This may be something as simple as making dinner together, which may appear to be the most mundane chore on the planet; however, I don't mean one of you cooks while the other hangs the laundry; I mean being in the kitchen together, "you peel, I'll chop" type. It's simple, but it's also frequently overlooked, and we don't realize we're not doing this kind of stuff half of the time, so making it a point to do so for just one evening could be quite beneficial to your relationship. If that's not your thing, get out and do something new; you might go swimming together at your local leisure club, or be even more brave and try rock climbing. Sitting across the table and gazing passionately into one other's eyes is wonderful, but doing something physical together can also be beneficial. 

Take a Deep Breath 

I realize it's bitterly cold outside, and cuddling up inside is a far more enticing alternative than venturing out into it. With the exception of the frantic midweek run between home and business, many of us haven't stepped outside since our Boxing Day walk. Going outside, on the other hand, will allow you to relax and unwind in a completely different way than sitting in front of the TV. Even if you live in a huge city where getting to the countryside is difficult, there's typically a decent park nearby where you can contemplate and have good chats with your other half while taking a gentle stroll. 

Differentiate yourself. 

One of the biggest pleasures of being in a relationship is sharing everyday life together, but Valentine's Day provides a reason to do something a bit different. If you've had your eye on something for a long time but haven't found an excuse to buy it yet, now is the moment! So, whether it's a fancy new cocktail bar in town or a long-awaited day excursion, indulge yourself and go for it. If you need a little extra cash to justify going out for a drink, remember that paid surveys are an easy way to earn some spending money from the comfort of your couch or over your lunch break. Whatever you do this Valentine's Day, make sure you take the time to relax with your special someone and show them how much they mean to you.