This Bank Holiday Weekend, there are plenty of things to do.

This Bank Holiday Weekend, there are plenty of things to do. 

It's unusual for Britain to have hot weather on a bank holiday weekend, and it's even more unusual for it to happen twice in a month. Unless the forecasts are completely wrong, it appears that this is exactly what is going to happen this month, and we Brits aren't sure how to deal with it. We almost certainly would have utilized that concept a few weeks ago if we had known what to do with a sunny bank holiday in the first place, but fear not, we have a few more classic bank holiday plans up our sleeve to share with you. 

Look for some water. 

The traditional British ideal is to spend a bank holiday at the beach, and if you live close enough to the shore to make a day trip out of it, we strongly advise you to do so. If you're in the Midlands and won't be able to see the sea until Monday, setting up a tent in a local lake or an outdoor swimming pool can be just as pleasurable. If that fails, hose down the paddling pool and get out the water cannons for some backyard family fun. 

Let's raise a glass to an extra day off. 

Is there a better way to enjoy a free day off work than by sipping an ice-cold beverage while basking in the summer sun? You don't need a real' cause to break open that bottle and reward yourself, whether you're a beer drinker, a wine connoisseur, or a G&T connoisseur.

a scoop of ice cream 

Ice cream is nearly always well welcomed, whether it's for your youngsters while you indulge in something a little stronger, or as an afternoon treat for the whole family. Allow yourself the additional calories this bank holiday, whether you're relaxing in the back garden with a frozen treat or trying not to get sand on your 99' cone at the beach; we can almost guarantee the weather won't stay long. The best thing about bank holidays is that they give us a little additional time to relax, and because it's only one extra day, most of us don't feel obligated to pack too much into the weekend, so we can just relax and recover before Tuesday. None of our favorite bank holiday weekend ideas are particularly expensive; instead, as always, we've come up with low-cost and low-key recommendations that you can support by taking a few of our paid surveys whenever you like. So go ahead and spoil yourself before the skies descend once more!