Things to Do When Spring First Arrives

Things to Do When Spring First Arrives 

Although the British weather doesn't appear to have gotten the memo, spring has arrived, and we can begin to fantasize about the days when we can leave our 'big coats' at home and walk out in just a cardigan or, dare I say, a t-shirt. Many of us are already enjoying the relief of sliding out of bed while it is already light outside, and if we're lucky, we could catch a few seconds of daylight before we get home from work, depending on working hours. The renewal of creation and milder temperatures are on their way to elevate our spirits and remind us of all that is good in the world, and the lighter, longer days are just one perk of spring. Here are some suggestions for getting ready for the new season in advance.

Cleaning in the Spring 

The most obvious suggestion, and most likely the one you were hoping to avoid. Although few people enjoy cleaning, there is something very rewarding about having a clean home, and spring is the perfect season to go all out on this front. Make the most of the time you have to complete some thorough cleaning. Perhaps devoting a Saturday morning to cleaning while still in your pjs will suffice. Make sure all the windows are open to let plenty of fresh air through; the cleaning workout will keep you warm! Listen to something while you clean to keep your mind occupied, whether it's the radio, your favorite playlist, a podcast, or an audiobook. Keeping your mind engaged will ensure that the cleaning process goes more quickly! Once you've completed, treat yourself to something special, such as some relaxing time to watch a movie or going out for a drink with some friends. If your hard work didn't get you a pint, you can always earn one by taking a few minutes to complete one of our paid surveys.

Take a walk outside. 

While it may still be a little chilly outside, it's well worth braving the elements and going for a walk in the countryside or a game in the park. Get your walking boots on and appreciate the dew on the grass, the sun in the sky, and watch creation explode back into life during this season. Another option is to go to a farm and observe how happy the animals are to be back out in the fields after spending the winter locked up inside. You might even catch lambing season if you're lucky!

Make a Vacation Reservation 

It's nice to have something to look forward to when we jump back into life full of excitement this spring. It keeps us going when our passion for life wears off. Many people aim to go on vacation over the summer, so if you haven't done so yet, now is a good time to start planning. Consider what you (and people you'll be traveling with) love doing, how you sleep, and where you want to be to make the most of your vacation. Getting something scheduled and in your calendar will be a terrific motivator and will improve your spirits as we enter the spring season!