Getting Paid to Take Online Surveys

Getting Paid to Take Online Surveys 

A cent for your ideas, as the saying goes! The pennies pile up quickly — Cinchdollars's paid internet surveys will earn you pounds!

Let's face it: paid internet surveys, whether at Cinchdollars or elsewhere, aren't going to make you a fortune.

But one thing is certain: at Cinchdollars, our surveys are a terrific method for you to supplement your income.

Our users have spent the money they've earned from Cinchdollars polls on concert tickets, Spotify Premium memberships, Amazon electronics, and more. These are the small things in life that add up and make a difference when they aren't paid for out of your own wallet.

Here are our top three suggestions for turning those pennies into pounds, which you can then cash out through Amazon or PayPal to indulge yourself to some of life's little luxuries: 

1. Mark Cinchdollars emails as safe.

From the same email address (, Cinchdollars will send you emails regarding our online surveys.

Today's email accounts do an excellent job of removing clutter from your inbox. Make sure Cinchdollars isn't marked as spam, and you'll have surveys delivered straight to your inbox, ensuring you never miss a paid survey opportunity. 

2. Maintain an up-to-date profile 

The more information we have on you, the more likely you are to receive paid online surveys that are completely relevant to you. Detailed information on the items and services you use, your interests, your travel habits, and your home are just a few of the areas that our clients are passionate about.

Maintaining your profile ensures that you are always at the top of the list for our surveys. This is because our clients need to know that they're getting real-life perspectives in their daily lives. If you update your profile, we'll send you even more surveys that are relevant to you while also giving you the opportunity to make a little extra money. 

3. Get the OpinionApp on your phone. 

The free OpinionsApp is the ideal way to get more online surveys, more frequently. The surveys on the OpinionApp are not the same as the ones you get via email. As a result, downloading the app today will immediately enhance the number of survey possibilities available to you. And more surveys equals more money in your pocket.

Make money in your spare time by taking surveys on the go, whether on your way to the airport, on the bus, while waiting for your favorite show to begin, or during your lunch break. Our surveys can be scheduled to fit into your schedule.

Give Your Thoughts For Money 

So now you have a platform to express yourself. However, how do you know if you're eligible for the paid surveys we offer you? And, once you've qualified, how do you know your voice will be heard?

Follow our top three suggestions to ensure that your ideas are heard every time you participate in a survey. 


Topics of the Day

Real Businesses 

Increase the number of surveys in your inbox by completing them quickly. 

1. The worm is caught by the early bird. 

Have you ever tried to start a survey only to discover that it is already closed? It's aggravating. We're aware. In an ever-busier world, our clients are continuously striving to improve their products and services in order to keep their customers happy. It implies that they require prompt responses and completion of surveys.

To prevent getting disappointed, be the first to respond to the surveys we send you. Allowing email notifications on your phone, going into your Cinchdollars account on a regular basis, and monitoring your emails on a daily basis will improve your chances of qualifying and completing each survey we give out. 

2. Be truthful in your ideas.

Your responses to online surveys are quite valuable in assisting firms in understanding what you think and what you want from them. Cinchdollars serves as a liaison between you and the brand, and it is our responsibility to ensure that your voice is heard.

We can only pass on well-considered viewpoints that include fully answered inquiries and are error-free. We collect, review, and sift through the surveys we collect using cutting-edge technologies. Any irregularities are detected and sent to our staff for investigation. Then we have to determine whether or not to share our thoughts with others.

It's much easier for us to get your opinions to the decision-makers the first time if you keep your replies honest and full. Keep going!

Our online surveys pay, and your feedback is really valuable. We have a ton of surveys on a wide range of topics to keep everyone occupied.

The more you respond to our surveys, the more likely you are to be chosen for future polls. Which means the louder your voice, the more chances there are to earn a little extra money.

Now is the time to get the OpinionApp!