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Steps To register on CinchDollars:

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1.Go to Register Link on CinchDollars ( Free to Register)

2.Fill The Registeration form then Click  on Join now Button.

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3.After Completing Form A conformation mail will be sent to your Email Account.
4.Confirm your account by Clicking on Confirmation Link.
 5.Now your Registration Process is Complete…Congratulation!!!

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6.Now to Go to Login Page Of CinchDollars and login into your Account.
7.And complete your Profile (Completing your Profile Will Increase your Chances for getting more surveys and hence more income)

Account survey Update your survey profile

8.To redeem your Rewards Just Click on Redeem Rewards Button
(You can also select your Payment Option)

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And you are done!

Note: Old Cinchbucks Account is now CinchDollars 

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